Becoming a Guardian Family

Guardian Family Opportunity

Occasionally at Gold Coast French Bulldogs we have the situation where we put one of our pups or adults out on a Breeders Terms Arrangement. We know that our dogs are happiest when in a family environment, sitting on some ones knee by the fire and being involved in family life and for this reason we offer some of our breeding pups or adults out.

Breeders Terms is where you purchase the pup or adult at a much-reduced rate, $2,000, for the term of the contract being four (4) weaned litters. As a general rule, after their second heat, French Bulldogs have a litter every six months.

When the girl comes into season for the second time you bring her back to us for mating, she is then returned to you and we pick her up and take her to ultrasounds and vet appointments leading up to birth. When it comes time for her to give birth, she is returned to us in the days leading up to the due date and we keep her for four-five weeks post-partum. After the four litters, the girl is signed over you and the Breeders Terms Arrangement ceased.

You need to live close enough (Gold Coast, Brisbane or Sunshine Coast) that you can return the dog to us for mating and birth, you must be able to provide a loving home and a stimulating environment. If you think you might be interested in this arrangement please read the attached contract and contact us on the below form. We are very happy to discuss any queries you may have.